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  • In Vino Vitalis? In Wine There Is Life?

    The expression in vino veritas — “in wine there is truth” — amuses R. Scott Turner, M.D., Ph.D., but he is more prone to quote in vino vitalis — “in wine there is life.” That’s because Turner, Directo

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  • Medical Waste As Informative Art

    Caroline Wellbery, M.D., an associate professor of family medicine, used to give little thought to the medical waste generated in the service of health care. But that was before Wellbery, well-known f

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  • A Total Response for Stroke

    Last summer, southern Maryland’s Gary Willis was enjoying a bike ride when he felt a sudden, overwhelming heaviness in his arm. Unable to react, he collapsed on the side of the road—Willis was having

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  • NHS Students Receive Landegger Awards

    On Saturday, April 14, School of Nursing & Health Studies students Breanna Donald (NHS’12) and Alberto Morales (NHS’12) were honored for their commitment to community service at the 2012 Lena Landegge

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  • In Egypt, Small People With Big Status

    Do not jeer at a blind man nor tease a dwarf, Neither interfere with the condition of a cripple. Do not taunt a man who is in the hand of God Nor scowl at him if he errs. So said the Egyptian wise ph

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  • Science Publisher Speaks at Conference

    Scientists must be vigilant about protecting the integrity of their work, the executive publisher of the journal Science told students and faculty yesterday at the School of Nursing & Health Studies’

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  • Rebuilding Rwanda’s Nursing Workforce

    Motivated to impact global health care, Georgetown student Nancy Reynolds (G’12) plans to use her degree to help rebuild the nursing workforce in Rwanda. With a more than 20-year nursing and literacy-

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  • The Health Care Sector & Climate Change

    The health care sector can play an important role in lessening, reversing and adapting to the effects of global climate change, according to an environmental health scholar at Georgetown University.

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  • Cancer Researcher Wins Scholarship

    A Georgetown undergraduate who already has completed three years of biomedical research that includes one year on cancer, has been awarded the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. Frederick Gha

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  • Health Disparities Initiative Launched

    The university today launched the Georgetown Initiative to Reduce Health Disparities designed to identify, reduce and ultimately eliminate health and health care disparities by conducting interdi

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