2019 Faculty and Student Awards

On Monday, November 18, the 12th Annual GUMC Convocation will bring together Georgetown University Medical Center students, faculty and staff in a unified celebration recognizing unique and outstanding achievements in research, education and service. As part of our Convocation, GUMC faculty nominate colleagues who are actively engaged in research pursuits for special recognition in two categories: the GUMC Leadership in Research Award and the GUMC Research Recognition Award.

View a list of awardees from prior years.

Twelfth Annual GUMC Convocation: Awards

For Lifetime Contribution to GUMC:


For Outstanding Achievement in Research:

GUMC Leadership in Research Award:


GUMC Research Recognition Award:


For Outstanding Achievement in Service:

GUMC Outstanding Service Award:


For Outstanding Achievement in Education:

Faculty Achievement in Education, School of Nursing & Health Studies:


The 2019 Magis Honorees

The Magis Society of Master Teachers honors physicians and biomedical scientists dedicated to the care of others and society. Magis, Latin for “more greatly,” is a shortened form of ad majorem Dei gloriam or “toward the greater glory of God.” The 2019 honorees are:

Adam Myers, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology

Virginia Steen, MD
Professor of Medicine

Read more about the 2019 MAGIS Society of Master Teachers induction ceremony.

The Kaiser Permanente Award

Each year two new professors are selected to receive the Kaiser-Permanente Award for teaching. The 2018 honorees are:

Stacey Kaltman, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry

Catherine Okuliar, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

The 2019 Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Erin Farrish, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Mother of Pearl Award

Megan Chochol, MD
Department of Psychiatry

Circle Grant Recipients

“Applied 3D Clinical Anatomy — Integration of Preclinical Anatomy, Clinical Radiology and Surgical Anatomic Exposure,” Emily Winslow, MD, MS, and Juan Guerra, MD

“Building a Pre-Matriculation Workshop for Incoming Medical Students to Support Self-Efficacy and Self- Regulated Success in Learning,” Alexander Walker, PhD, Dustyn Wright, David Taylor, MEd

“Expanding Peer-to-Peer & Self-Directed Experiential Learning in Medical Student Clinical Skills Education through Student-Run Organization Hoya Skills in Medicine & Surgery (SIMS),” Ernest Fischer, MD, MS, Shimae Fitzgibbons, MD, MEd, Jose Victor Nable, MD, MS, John Yosaitis, MD, Matt Carroll, Allison Doyle, Jim Han, Anne Yeung

“The Impact of Bedside Technology on the Cardiac Auscultation Proficiency of Third Year Medical Students: A Comparison of Acoustic Stethoscope Versus Digital Stethoscope with Phonocardiogram Display,” Erin Farrish, MD, and Venkatesh Raman, MD

“A Mixed Methods Exploration of Factors that Influence Student Participation in and Perception of the Weekly Formative Review Quizzes,” Jessica Jones, PhD

For Outstanding Student Achievement:

School of Medicine


School of Nursing & Health Studies


Biomedical Graduate Education

Dr. Zofia Zukowska Award for Excellence in Thesis Research:


Dr. Mark Smulson Award for Excellence in Thesis Research: