Talent Development and Training

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Georgetown University Medical Center is dedicated to providing opportunities for training and professional development for staff and academic and administrative professionals (AAPs). This page outlines the available opportunities.

Professional Credentialing Opportunities

The Medical Center Finance and Operations offices currently offer support and study teams for four professional credentialing certification examinations. For more information on the content covered, testing windows and fees, and the governing bodies/organizations that offer the examination, please click on the links below.

The medical center recognizes the benefits and importance of obtaining professional credentialing and how it can bolster working relationships between staff and faculty with research portfolios.  

There are many reasons administrators will want to pursue this professional development opportunity:

  • Professional recognition within and external to Georgetown
  • Acknowledgment of experience
  • Professional investment by the university
  • Increased credibility with principal investors, departments and sponsored research offices
  • Personal development and career satisfaction
  • Serve as a role model and mentor to others

Rory Bennett (CRA, CPRA) – RDS
Susana Birdsong (CRA) – IRH
John Ross Bustillos (CRA, CPRA) – Shared Resources
Venishea Butler (CRA) – ADMO
Richard Cecil (CRA, CFRA, CPRA) – RDS
Donna Deardorff (CRA) – CCHD
Fannie Dela Cruz (CRA) – BGRO
Ryan Dempsey (CPRA) – RDS
Muftait Fahm (CRA) – ADMO
Brian Fleury (CRA, CPRA, CFRA) – RDS
Virgilio Garcia Gazo (CCRC) – Memory Disorder Program
DJ Garrett (CRA) – BGRO
Gina Goodrich (CRA) – BGRO
Zachary Graves (CRA) – GPPI
Kianna Harris (CCRC) – Memory Disorder Program
Karen Howenstein (CRA) – LCCC
Dana Hunter (CRA, CPRA, CFRA) – RDS
Maysa Jawdat (CCRC) – Memory Disorder Program
Meaghan Lancaster (CRA, CPRA) – RDS
Melissa Layman (CRA, CFRA, CPRA) – RDS
Sharon Levy (CRA) – LCCC
Clairice Lloyd (CRA) – OSR
Max Menna (CCRC) – CRU
Marie McElroy (CRA) – OSP
Haewon Park (CRA) – CCR
Randolph Pelzer (CRA) – Berkley Center
Kondal Reddy (CCRC) – CRMO
Doreen Robinson (CRA) – OSR
Jessica Atlass Roscoe (CRA, CPRA) – RDS
Chantal Santelices (CRA) – CIED
Taylor Schulte (CRA, CCRC) – LCCC
Christopher Shirley (CRA) – CIED
Paul Silva (CRA) – CIED
Valerie Simon (CRA) – BGRO
Maria Snyder (CRA) – Graduate School
Tina Tan (CRA, CCRC) – Family Medicine
Hector Tiongson (CRA) – OSP
Johnny Toma (CRA) – BGRO
Jenny Turnure (CRA, CFRA) – BGRO
Priscilla Wong (CCRC) – Radiology
Alan Zwart (CRA) – LCCC

Leadership Training and Development

The medical center promotes leadership development and soft-skills training across all staff levels. 

Established in 2017, the GUMC Advancing Administrators Speaker series is designed to bring experts from across Georgetown and the region to present on various functions in research and higher ed administration. Topics include marketing yourself professionally in higher education, effective communication, time management, etc.

This series is open to all medical center staff and AAPs. 

Skills Proficiency Training

Excel Training´╗┐

Staff Empowerment

Giving Back – Community Service