Guidelines & Policies

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General Policies and Procedures


Research & Gift Administration Policies & Procedures

Research Subject Payments

Payment of Research Subjects at GUMC can occur through one of three mechanisms at GUMC:  cash, gift card or check.  For general information on research payments, please refer to the payment policy below.  For information on requesting gift cards for your research participants, please refer to the GUMC Gift Card and Administration Policy located on the GUMC ProCard and Procurement page.  For information on requesting a check from the Clinical Trials Office (CTO), please refer to the CTO website

At Risk Cost Centers

Please note, the At Risk Cost Center process has been updated to allow for an electronic workflow using Box.  Please see the "User Guide - Tasking Via Box" for additional details.

GUMC ASA, Lump Sum and PSA Requests

MedStar employees support research and educational efforts across GUMC.  We currently have two mechanisms to compensate MedStar for that effort - an Administrative Services Agreement (ASA) and a Personal Services Agreement (PSA). The ASA mechanism is used when payment will be charged to institutional worktags (e.g. departmental funds or gifts).  The PSA mechanism is used when payment will be charged to grant worktags (e.g. GR123456).  

To request payment using one of these mechanisms, please download the relevant form below, and follow the instructions for submission.  


Other Policies & Procedures

Faculty Recognition Awards 

Revenue Generating Service Agreements

 Business Travel

As part of the FY16 budgeting efforts, GUMC funded travel should be limited to invited speakers/presenters, and grant- or gift-funded travel.  

*Please note that effective January 18th, 2017, the former Pre-Travel Authorization form is no longer being used and the Spend Authorization functionality within GMS should be followed. In progress Pre-Travel Authorization forms filled out before January 18th will be accepted until January 27th, 2017.

For Georgetown University faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad, Georgetown’s Global Assistance Program provides travel assistance along with medical and security evacuation services and travel medical insurance information. Reservations confirmed and ticketed through Georgetown Travel Online or Anthony Travel are automatically registered with Georgetown and International SOS. Georgetown travelers can also access travel reports and manually register their travel online through Georgetown’s International SOS Portal.