Golden Apple Awards 2021: Celebrating the GUSOM Community

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(May 25, 2021) — The recipients of this year’s Golden Apple Awards were honored in an upbeat virtual ceremony presented by Georgetown University School of Medicine students. View the full awards ceremony video.

Congratulations to the 2021 Golden Apple Honorees

Golden Apple Awards

The Golden Apple Award is presented annually by each class to a member of the faculty whose outstanding professional and personal qualities have enhanced the medical education of the members of the class.

J.V. Nable, MD, MS – Class of 2021

Megha Fitzpatrick, MD – Class of 2022

Caitlin Coker, PhD – Class of 2023

Caitlin Coker, PhD – Class of 2024

Cura Personalis Award

The Cura Personalis Award recognizes exemplary individuals who embody the spirit of professionalism and cura personalis both in and out of the classroom.

Camden Sutton – Class of 2023

Brian Kim – Class of 2024

The Stephen Ray Mitchell Award for Outstanding Clinical Mentorship

The Stephen Ray Mitchell Award is presented to a fourth-year student who exemplifies the principles of mentorship, intellectual curiosity, and compassion that Dr. Mitchell embodied throughout his time as both a clinician and Dean for Medical Education.

Lani Galloway

John C. Rose Award

The John C. Rose Award is presented annually to a member of the faculty or administration who has demonstrated outstanding service to the school and has contributed to the improvement of medical education and student life.

Susan Cheng, Ed.L.D., MPP

Presidential Excellence Award

Inaugural presentation by the class presidents and Executive Council of the School of Medicine to a faculty or staff member who goes above and beyond their role to address the needs of the student body

Amanda B. Finnell, MS

Geza M. Illes Award

The Geza M. Illes Award honors an outstanding first year teacher who serves as an inspirational role model in the field of gross anatomy.

Caitlin Coker, PhD

Doctoring Award

The Doctoring Award recognizes a faculty member, module director, or leader in a Clinical Skills Course whose outstanding teaching, professional, and personal qualities have enhanced the medical education of the members of Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Erin Farrish, MD

Excellence in Teaching at HOYA Clinic Award

The Excellence in Teaching at HOYA Clinic Award recognizes excellence in teaching clinical skills and caring for underserved populations at HOYA Clinic.

Sarah Kureshi, MD, MPH

Lambda Award

The Lambda Award recognizes a GUSOM faculty member’s enduring commitment to the LGBTQ community at Georgetown University.

Keisha Bell, MD

Jeanne V. Walther Award

The Jeanne V. Walther Award recognizes an administrator who has displayed outstanding service, chosen by the student leaders on behalf of the entire student body.

David L. Taylor, M.Ed.

Physiology Teacher of the Year Award

The Special Masters Program in Physiology students present the Physiology Teacher of the Year Award to a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional qualities as an educator.

Caitlin Coker, PhD

Faculty Affiliate Award

The Faculty Affiliate Award is given to a physician, outside of Georgetown, who has made a significant contribution to the clinical medical education and mentorship at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Nancy Barr, MD

The Student Advocacy Award

Inaugural presentation to the faculty or staff member who champions the overall professional, academic and personal wellbeing of each student at the School of Medicine

Princy N. Kumar, MD

Special Recognition

The Golden Apple Committee highlights the extraordinary efforts of the following members of the Class 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Zolper

Clark Restrepo

Vian Zada

Nellie Darling

Golden Orchard

Membership in the Golden Orchard is an honor shared by those individuals whose sustained dedication to teaching has earned them three or more Golden Apple Awards.

Michael Adams, MD, Medicine

William T Beaver, MD, Pharmacology

Daniel H. Connor, MD, Pathology

John S. Dillon, MD, Surgery

Kenneth Dretchen, PhD, Pharmacology

Rebecca Evangelista, MD, Surgery

Stephen R. T. Evans, MD, Surgery

Erin A. Farrish, MD, Medicine

Mary Furlong, MD, Pathology

Richard Gillis, PhD, Pharmacology

Aviad Haramati, PhD, Physiology

Yvonne Hernandez, PhD, Pharmacology

Shiloh Jones, PhD, Biochemistry

Donlad Kerwin, MD, Pathology

Donald M. Knowlan, MD, Medicine

Princy N. Kumar, MD, Infectious Diseases

Clifton A. Leftridge, Jr. MD, Radiology

Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, MBA, Medicine

Susan Mulroney, PhD, Physiology & Biophysics

Wesley P. Norman, PhD, Anatomy

Arthur Raines, PhD, Pharmacology

Charles Read, MD, Pulmonary

Wolfgang P. Rennert, MD, Pediatrics

Joseph Timpone, MD, Infectious Disease

Carlo Tornatore, MD, Neurology

Aykut Uren, MD, Hematology & Oncology

Branislav Vidic, SD, Anatomy

Russell Wall, MD, Anesthesiology

Sean Whelton, MD, Medicine

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