Celebrating National Postdoc Appreciation Week

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(September 18, 2019) — In honor of National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2019, which runs from September 16-20, we’ve featured six postdoctoral students at Georgetown University and the work they’re doing to advance biomedical and health care research.

Reiko Asano, PhD, RN

Reiko Asano, PhD, RN, is a postdoc in the department of professional nursing practice studying palliative care in heart failure. Reiko was inspired to study cardiovascular disease after caring for patients suffering from high symptom burden and repeated hospitalizations.

Alexandra Taraboletti, PhD

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Alexandra Taraboletti, PhD, is studying ways to improve cognitive damage that occurs in the brain after radiation in an effort to help patients with life after cancer.

Irene Sanchez Brualla, PhD

Irene Sanchez Brualla, PhD, a postdoc in the department of neuroscience and pharmacology, is studying how neurons function in an epileptic brain and hopes to help alleviate symptoms for patients with epilepsy.

Sean Quinlan, PhD

Sean Quinlan, PhD, a postdoc in the department of pharmacology and physiology, is studying the effects of seizures, and the drugs used to treat them, on the developing brain.

Mansa Gurjar, PhD

Mansa Gurjar, PhD, a postdoc in Georgetown University’s biology department, is studying neurodevelopmental defects that can lead to hearing loss.

Martha Dee Gay, PhD

Martha Dee Gay, PhD, is an NIH TL1 GHUCCTS postdoctoral scholar studying gastroenterology and hepatology. Martha’s research focuses on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, and how it disproportionately affects the Hispanic population.