Summer Series: Georgetown Students Travel to China

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Led by Zhihuan Jennifer Huang, PhD, associate professor of international health, the Global Health Summer Program took place at Fudan University and provided students with the opportunity to participate in two seminar classes, a Chinese language class, and cultural excursions throughout the country.

“Out of My Comfort Zone”

Nursing major Kendra Jones (NHS’13) was one of seven School of Nursing & Health Studies students to participate in the program.
She became interested in the study abroad program after completing the health care delivery systems course where she developed a curiosity about the health systems of different countries.

“After taking my health delivery systems class fall of my junior year, I became interested in health systems and public health in general,” said Jones. “I’m used to learning about the signs and symptoms of disease and ways to respond to behaviors that patients exhibit, but I knew that the courses provided through the program would be a way for me to think differently. I knew I would be out of my comfort zone, but I welcomed that.”

Trip to Yunnan

While in China, students and faculty took numerous excursions to better understand the people and culture of the country.
The trip that left the biggest impression on Thomas Brooke (NHS’14), an international health major, was a trip to the Yunnan province.

“The most memorable excursion was the 10-day trip to Yunnan province,” said Brooke. “While there, we participated in both academic and cultural activities that gave a better understanding of the diversity within China. It also gave a better understanding of the differences between public health in urban Shanghai and rural villages.”

New Perspective

Both students entered the program eager to learn more about the health systems in China and returned to Georgetown University with a new perspective on international health.

“The classes I took at Fudan with our Georgetown professors are unlike any of the classes I have had a chance to take here,” said Jones. “I learned a tremendous amount, and it gave me a fresh perspective about health care. Now I have a greater understanding of how different factors can play into the health and well-being of our patient populations.”

By Alicia Lee, NHS Communications

(Published Sept. 12, 2012)