People for Others

A female medical student gets hugs from two girls participating in the summer camp run by SOM students

GUMC faculty, students, and staff contribute to the university’s mission of serving the common good through various efforts — locally, nationally and internationally.

Faculty, staff and students volunteer their time and skills to provide a range of health services — including medical care, health education and advocacy, and testing and evaluation — to underserved residents of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and around the world.

Medical-Legal Partnership

The Georgetown University Health Justice Alliance is a medical-legal partnership launched by Georgetown’s Law and Medical Centers in 2016 to prepare future generations of lawyers, doctors, nurses and other health professionals to work together to help promote health and well-being of vulnerable individuals and families in order to prevent legal crises that could have health effects and contribute to health disparities. Georgetown brings a commitment from both its law center and medical center to provide specialized education, practical experience and innovative solutions in pursuit of improved health and greater justice for the underserved. The Health Justice Alliance is co-directed by Georgetown Law Professor Vicki Girard and Visiting Associate Professor Yael Cannon. Georgetown School of Medicine’s Associate Dean for Community Education and Advocacy Dr. Eileen Moore serves as medical director.

Asylum Clinic

Georgetown University School of Medicine students run an asylum clinic to provide essential medical and social services to refugees and asylum seekers in the Washington, D.C., area. The work is supported by the school’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights, a student-driven organization committed to survivors of human rights abuses and combating systemic injustice.

Hoya Clinic

The HOYA Clinic is a student-driven free clinic in Washington, D.C. It is managed by Georgetown University School of Medicine students and caters to the health needs of D.C.’s homeless and uninsured.

Mary’s Center

The School of Nursing and Mary’s Center, a community health center founded by Georgetown Bachelor of Science in Nursing alumna Maria Gomez, collaborate on a variety of efforts. Among these is the school’s ongoing work with the center to educate a medical assistant workforce. Students, faculty and staff have been involved in direct service, research and experiential learning activities at the center. Additionally, Gomez served as a visiting distinguished professor at Georgetown.

School of Medicine Community Service Graduation Requirement

Georgetown University School of Medicine requires each student to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service prior to graduation. This requirement can be fulfilled in a number of ways. Each year, incoming medical students participate in the School of Medicine’s Day of Service. Another popular service event is the annual fundraiser for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which supports pediatric cancer research.

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