Thank you, Edward Healton, MD, MPH: Appreciations From Colleagues

Ed Healton speaks from a podium

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Thank you, Dr. Healton, for working with the GUMC Staff/AAP caucus over the past few years.  Your engagement and genuine support for staff/AAP has been essential to the success of our efforts.

— Shaunagh Browning, DNP, RN, President, Staff/AAP Caucus, GUMC

Members of the Medical Center Caucus thank Dr. Healton for his genuine support of the faculty, including his oversight of the establishment of the School of Health and School of Nursing and his support of the Framework for Medical Center Governance and the revised Faculty Compensation Plan. We wish Dr. Healton success in his future endeavors.

— Jessica Jones, PhD, president, Medical Center Caucus

I have always admired Dr. Healton’s ability to stay calm in the wake of tension. His ability to actively listen and ensure everyone’s perspective is valued is an admirable leadership characteristic. Furthermore, I am grateful for his support, guidance and leadership during a season of tremendous organizational change.

— Christopher J. King, PhD, Dean, Georgetown University School of Health

Ed has been a champion of collaborative work between the GUMC and the so-called Main Campus. Whenever possible, he is able to identify the right thing to do, even when rules and longstanding practices might dictate otherwise. This has been tough work, but he has been a happy warrior, always looking at the possibilities for future impact. He leaves Georgetown in a better state than he found it in. I will miss him as a compatriot.

— Bob Groves, Georgetown University Provost

The Department of Pediatrics is extremely grateful for Dr. Healton’s steady leadership. Leading Georgetown University Medical Center through unprecedented times, he had the vision and thoughtfulness to move the Medical Center forward despite the headwinds of a global pandemic. His kindness and steady leadership have been greatly appreciated by the Pediatric faculty, and we wish him the best on his journey forward. Thank you Dr. Healton and best wishes!

— Michael Donnelly, MD, Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics, The Philip Calcagno/Jeane and James Dixon Chair in Pediatrics, Georgetown University

May your next chapter be as amazing as those that have preceded it. You were a caring, thoughtful leader who really made a difference.  I admire your kind and wise leadership and feel lucky to have had your support and confidence. You will be missed.

— Phyllis Magrab, PhD, Director, Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development; UNESCO Chair; Professor of Pediatrics, Georgetown University

Ed, many thanks for your outstanding leadership and mentorship throughout our years together at Georgetown. You have been a wonderful colleague and friend, and I wish you and your family endless happiness and good health in the years ahead.

— Russ Wall, MD, Professor & Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Georgetown University

Ed Healton took on an exceptionally challenging task in 2015 as interim EVP, planning to do that job for two years. Nine years later, here we are. Ed has my gratitude and best wishes as he moves into the next chapter of his life. What on earth will he do without three looming catastrophes and 10 Zoom calls each day? I’ll bet he can’t wait to find out. (Ed. Note: Read Dr. Weiner’s full remarks)

— Louis Weiner, MD, Director, Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Ed is truly a prince among men; thoughtful leadership and an erudite manner, a rarity in healthcare. All the very best to a great friend and colleague.

— Carlo Tornatore, MD, Professor & Chair, Department of Neurology; Executive Director, Multiple Sclerosis Patient Centered Specialty Practice; Co-Director, Neurology Clerkship, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Thanks, Ed, for everything you’ve done for orthopaedic surgery and me, personally, over the years. Wishing you all the best in this next chapter and congratulations to you and your family on your retirement! My best wishes.

— Jay Khanna, MD, Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Georgetown University

Ed’s humanity comes through in virtually every conversation I’ve had with him. He genuinely cares about the people of GUMC. I wish him well in his next phase.

— Ken Kellar, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Physiology, Georgetown University

Dr. Healton had a remarkable ability to lead effectively while demonstrating true humility. He will be greatly missed.

— Steve Epstein, MD, Professor & Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Georgetown University

Ed has truly distinguished himself as a thoughtful leader who listens intently and cares deeply. We are truly grateful for his mentorship, support, and guidance over the years. Wishing him all the best as he embarks on the next bright chapter of his professional journey!

— Jonathan Davis, MD, Chair & Professor, Emergency Medicine, Georgetown University

It has been a true honor to work closely with Ed over the past nine years. Under his leadership so much was accomplished. To name a few, we strengthened our partnership with MedStar Health, navigated the pandemic in a manner that protected our community, launched two new schools and hired three new deans, successfully completed our first cluster hire, and are now moving forward with a new faculty compensation plan. Best wishes, Ed, on your next adventures!

— Elliott Crooke, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry and VP, Faculty and Academic Affairs

In my 30 years as a communications professional, I have been fortunate to have had three wonderful and very strong mentors. The first and second helped me discover and hone my professional skills. As my third and most impactful mentor, Dr. Healton showed me how to deepen my values as a human. As I’ve watched him lead by example, I’ve learned to find compassion for others when they aren’t at their best, to extend grace even in trying times, and to be patient so I can find success in the collaborative/iterative process. On July 1, I will have a new “boss,” and yes, the unknown can be unsettling. But I will stand on the sturdy foundation that Dr. Healton helped me build as I navigate the unfamiliar waters. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and all that you have taught me, Ed.

— Karen Teber, Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications, GUMC

Dr. Healton has been a great leader for the medical center. He will be missed by everyone here. Best of luck!

— Bruce Davidson, MD, Chair & Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, Georgetown University

Dr. Healton, it has been a such a privilege getting to know you over the past few months; I only wish that our path has crossed sooner. Wishing you the very best in the next chapter of your life.

— Mary K. Sidawy, MD, Professor of Pathology, Georgetown University

Dear Ed:
As you transition to this new chapter in your life, may you discover countless moments of joy and relaxation. You leave behind a legacy of achievement, a team of loyal colleagues, and countless lives touched by your kindness. Embrace the time now to pursue your hidden passions and dreams. I hope that this newfound time unlocks the door to new opportunities and adventures.

— Roberta Waite, PhD, Dean, Georgetown University School of Nursing

Ed has been the most wonderful colleague and friend. He is deeply committed to Georgetown’s mission of service, he cares deeply about education, and he is warm, caring and kind. He is a joy to be with. Ed brings sunshine to every day!

— Bill Treanor, JD, PhD, Executive Vice President and Dean of the Law Center; Paul Regis Dean Leadership Chair; Professor of Law

I am tremendously grateful to Ed for so many things. One is the strong partnership he established between GUMC and National Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. Healton was the founding chair of Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown and Vice President for Medical Affairs at NRH. The foundation in research, education and clinical care that he established continues to thrive and grow.

— Barbara Bregman, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Medicine, Georgetown University, Director of Education and Training for the MedStar NRH Research Division

It has been a pleasure working with Ed as the EVP of the medical center. Every time I have spoken to him one-on-one on matters about the school, research and education, he has always put me at ease, always attentive to any specific issue I might raise with him. Ed, I have also enjoyed speaking with you about a variety of other topics, from the relevance of evolutionary principles for many aspects of medicine to the influence of literature and novels to learning by the new generation of medical students. Thank you for your support these past few years. I wish you all the best for the future.

— Hiroshi Nakai, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Georgetown University

Ed has had a very successful tenure as EVP. In particular he will be remembered for his dedication to diversity and inclusion, the development of two new schools, his interest and support of medical and graduate education, the extension of our relationship with MedStar Health, and support of successful renewals of the CCSG and CTSA. For me, especially noteworthy was his thoughtful and caring leadership during the COVID crisis. I wish him the very best for an interesting future and some well-earned relaxation.

— Anna Riegel, PhD, Professor & Senior Associate Dean, Biomedical Graduate Education, Vice President for Biomedical Graduate Education and Research, Celia Rudman Fisher Endowed Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology

Let me begin with profound gratitude — thank you Ed for your leadership and service to GUMC! I don’t think it is possible for me to convey all of Ed’s contributions to the Georgetown community in a few words, so what follows are just a few examples of how I experience the way Ed lives the Spirit of Georgetown. Ed’s care of the community is evident in his efforts focused on promoting justice and an equitable community. He invites us to respectful dialogue and engagement, and during his tenure as EVP enacted holistic and collaborative approaches to our community and strategic initiatives. Ed supported me personally as a chair, providing me with leadership opportunities, access to professional development, and always making time to talk with me. From one-on-one meetings to council of chairs and community meetings, Ed led the way to deeper dialogue and action. Most recently, Ed’s support of the GUMC cluster hire initiative, “Integrative Approaches to Neuroplasticity Across the Lifespan,” demonstrates his commitment to interdisciplinary research and scholarship. Thank you, Ed, for your commitment and appreciation of the uniqueness of each person and their contributions to our community.

— Kathy Maguire-Zeiss, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Neuroscience

Thank you for taking on the role of the EVP when Howard Federoff left. I know it has been a huge job, through many bad financial times and COVID to boot, but you have managed to be our representative to the President’s office, keep us afloat, and have made everyone feel appreciated and supported. And indeed our Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, as one small part of the larger picture, has grown and thrived, despite our hardships — thanks to your unwavering support. Most of all, thank you for always being there when I called on your help and becoming a personal friend. I know all of us will miss your warmth and your grace. I can’t imagine being at Georgetown without you. With my warmest wishes.

— Elissa Newport, PhD, Director, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery; Professor of Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Psychology, and Linguistics

There are many things to thank Ed for, but I want to highlight one in particular, which is his support of the cluster hire initiative. He not only was responsive to requests from the faculty to launch the program, he quickly became one of the greatest advocates for it. There has never been a structured faculty hiring mechanism at the Med Center (at least not in recent memory) and by formalizing this mechanism, Ed ensured we have a route to hire new colleagues in a strategic manner for years to come. We’ve just onboarded the first “cohort,” and these new colleagues will shape GUMC for decades. I think this program will be a lasting and impactful legacy. Thanks Ed!!!

— Patrick Forcelli, PhD, Professor & Director, PhD Program in Pharmacology & Physiology

Ed has gracefully guided us through multiple unprecedented challenges in the last nine years, including a once-in-a-century pandemic. Starting with the community engagement initiative, Ed has fostered a culture of compassion, collaboration, and respect. I extend my deepest gratitude to Ed and wish him all the best in his new endeavors

— Ming T. Tan, PhD, Professor & Chair, Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics

Dear Ed,
Thank you so much for your availability and support for academic nursing over the years. Our most significant achievements occurred under your leadership — much appreciated! I truly hope you enjoy your travels and precious time with family.

— Edilma Yearwood, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, Georgetown University School of Nursing

I am very grateful for Dr. Healton’s strong support of faculty development, the GUMC Faculty Mentoring Program, the Bias Reduction and Coaching Program, and Georgetown Women in Medicine (GWIM). Dr. Healton steadfastly supported GWIM’s goals to reach 100 women full professors, more than 25% female department chairs, and the Women on the Walls Campaign, including his funding of the Dr. Estelle Ramey portrait now hanging in Med-Dent. Dr. Healton’s leadership has led to sustained and important improvements in equity and mentorship for faculty. Thank you for your vision, support, and guidance, Dr. Healton!

— Kristi Graves, PhD, Associate Professor of Oncology, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, GUMC, Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center 

On behalf of the GUMC Faculty Mentoring Program leadership, we want to thank you for your support for the program. Your encouragement of faculty to participate and emphasis on the value of mentoring have heightened the culture and impact of mentoring at GUMC. Nearly 200 faculty members have participated in the program and continue to benefit from their mentoring relationships. We sincerely appreciate your work with OFAA to ensure every faculty member feels supported, engaged and cared for. We wish you all the very best in the next chapter of your life.

— Kristi Graves, PhD, Rebecca Evangelista, MD, and Karen Walters, GUMC Faculty Mentoring Program

Thank you for your leadership of GUMC over last nine years and best wishes.

— Narayan Shivapurkar, PhD, Associate Professor, Oncology

Working under your leadership was an absolute pleasure, and I wish we had more time together. With that being said, we will continue the good work that you started to enhance clinical research billing compliance.

— Suhail Qureshi, Director, Clinical Research Operations Office

It has been an honor to work with you over the past decade, Dr. Healton! Thank you for all that you have done for GUMC and for Georgetown.

— Emily Rosenfeld, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Georgetown University

It has been a great honor to work with you on GUMC initiatives over the past several years. You have been a thoughtful and kind leader and mentor. I have enjoyed working with you and will miss you!

— Jennifer Hayes-Klosteridis, PhD, Manager, Business Design & Optimization Group

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the School of Medicine and the Medical Center, Dr. Healton. I have been blessed to share this journey with you now and into the future. I certainly wish you and your family blessings on this new stage of your career.

— John Partridge, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology

Dr. Healton has been an outstanding leader. His many accomplishments include the founding of a most innovative School of Health and he has been the embodiment of cura personalis and compassion. He has had a great impact on the Georgetown community.

— Joel Kupersmith, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director, Georgetown University Veterans Initiatives

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