Online Quiz: How Well Do You “Know Your Bod?”

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A test of fertility awareness knowledge to be introduced at International Conference on Family Planning

WASHINGTON (Jan. 21, 2016) – “You live with your body every day, but do you really know it?”

That’s the first question from a new online quiz: “ .”

The 10-question true or false digital quiz, produced by the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University Medical Center, probes the user’s understanding of fertility awareness.

The global fertility awareness quiz will be introduced at the fourth International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Nusa Dua, Indonesia, on Wednesday, Jan. 27, during a “Marketplace of Ideas” session from 2:30-2:45 pm (Unveiling the mysteries: Confronting our misconceptions about menstruation, fertility, sex and family planning).

“Accurate understanding and awareness about human fertility is surprisingly low around the world, regardless of age, sex or education level,” says Victoria Jennings, PhD, director of the IRH. “If we could lift the taboos and improve fertility awareness, would people be informed and empowered to make better sexual and reproductive health decisions? At IRH, we believe the answer to this question is ‘yes.’”

The quiz includes basic information about: the menstrual cycle; when and how pregnancy occurs; the likelihood of pregnancy from unprotected intercourse at different times during the cycle and at different life stages; the role of male fertility; how specific family planning methods work, how they affect fertility and how to use them.

After each question is answered (correctly or not), the quiz provides a brief easy-to-understand educational summary.

While fertility is the physiological ability for a girl or woman to become pregnant, fertility awareness is much more, Jennings says.

“Fertility Awareness is actionable information about fertility throughout the life cycle and the ability to use this information to care for one’s own sexual and reproductive health and that of others,” she adds.

The development of the global fertility awareness quiz is a part of the IRH’s FACT Project supported by USAID .

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