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These videos capture a snapshot of the vitality of faculty and students, along with groundbreaking research being conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center.

New at GUMC

They come from 31 states and nine countries including Canada, Korea, China, Ethiopia, Israel, Japan, Jamaica and Zimbabwe. Some come from the U.S. military. And others come from a long tradition of medicine. No matter the path they were on, the 196 students that make up the Georgetown University School of Medicine class of 2020 are now moving forward on the same journey.

Ask a professor

Dr. Timothy Jorgensen explains cosmic radiation

Dr. Timothy Jorgensen explains how and when earthlings might be exposed to cosmic radiation

Dr. Timothy Jorgensen explains what radiation risks Cmdr. Kelly faces after living in space for a year

Dr. Louis Weiner explores what cancer might benefit from immunotherapy

Dr. Donovan's Advice for Childhood Vaccinations

Prof. Beth Peshkin spells out the pros and cons of genetic testing for hereditary cancer

Prof. Sherman Helps Us Digest New Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Donovan on Why Vaccines Shouldn't be Spaced Out

Dr. Louis Weiner defines immunotherapy

Beth Peshkin explains genetic counseling

Beth Peshkin on what to consider before buying a genetic test online

Dr. Donovan on Safety Data for Vaccines

Dr. Donovan on Why all Children Should be Vaccinated

Why is cancer hard to treat? Dr. Louis Weiner explains.

Dr. Louis Weiner explains the promise of immunotherapy

Beth Peshkin explains genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk

Prof. Sherman Helps Us Digest New Dietary Recommendations

Research and Innovation

Without Research, "Where's the Hope?"

The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University celebrates 30th year

The Application of Basic Science Research on Reading, Math Disabilities

When Cancer Cells Stop Acting Like Cancer

The Georgetown University Anatomical Donor Program

Unique Georgetown collaboration fights Parkinson’s disease

Research and Innovation at Georgetown University Medical Center

PART 1: GUMC Scientists Making Strides Against Cervical Cancer

PART 2: GUMC Researchers Aim to Improve Stroke Rehabilitation

PART 3: Understanding How the Brain Recovers from Strokes

Fourth annual 5K Lab rat race

Can Facial Plastic Surgery Make You More Likeable?


Student Life

#MyWhiteCoat According to Dr. Ranit Mishori

#MyWhiteCoat According to Leah Broadhurst

#MyWhiteCoat According to Patrick Sheahan

#MyWhiteCoat According to Dean Mitchell

Match Day 2016

HoyaMed Summer Sports Camp 2015


Hyundai Hope on Wheels