Information for Researchers

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Sponsored Research

Research Development Services (RDS), within the Office of Sponsored Research, provides a broad range of support services to Medical Center investigators including opportunity identification, proposal development, collaborations with other institutions, just-in-time requests, progress reports and sponsored research-related training.

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is responsible for pre-award proposal review, approval and submission and post-award award servces including award receipt, negotiation, setup, and non-financial management (e.g., no-cost extensions, carry forward requests and other interactions with research sponsors) and administrative assistance for externally funded grants and contracts.

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) in the Office of Advancement at Georgetown University serves as a university-wide liaison to coordinate and facilitate communications with corporate, foundation, and association donors. The CFR works closely with RDS and OSR to provide support to university programs, departments, faculty, and administrators as they pursue philanthropic partnerships and seek grants for research programs.

The Sponsored Projects Financial Operations Department (SPFO) in the Offic of Financial Affairs handles all post-award financial matters.  Contact SPFO with any issues regarding charges appearing on their Budget to Actuals Report (BAR), invoices to sponsors, payments to subcontractors, financial reporting or auditing.

The GUMC Clinical Research Operations Office (CROO) provides services to Georgetown clinical investigators related to study start-up and administration and assistance ot clinical research sponsors in identifying GUMC investigators to participate in their research.

The Clinical Research Management Office (CRMO) provides administrative, nursing, and data management support for cancer treatment clinical trials conduced by Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) clinical investigators. This includes all regulatory documents, IRB submissions, budget and contract negotiations, consenting of subjects, case management of patients while on study, side effect management, completion of case report forms, meeting with monitors, maintaining trial information on Lombardi website, design of electronic case report forms for institutional trials.

GUMC Shared Resources allow Georgetown University scientists to pool equipment, technicians and knowledge for the benefit of all. The program provides cost effective access to state-of-the-art technologies. Each shared resource is handled like a small business that provides a specialized service for a reasonable user fee and is coordinated by a faculty member who is experienced in that research area and has a staff that facilitates access to that resource. New shared resources are continually being developed and brought online. 

Clinical Research

Regulatory Matters

The Georgetown University Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) provides oversight and guidance in human subject research; animal care and use; biosafety; chemical safety; radiation safety; occupational health; export controls; conflict of interest; handling of hazardous, controlled or regulated substances; material transfers; and research misconduct.

Technology Resources

Technology reources include academic computing, faculty technology services, and research computing.

Georgetown Management System (GMS) technical assistance

GU PASS technical support: