#MyWhiteCoat: Reflections on a Transformative Ceremony

The white coat ceremony. It's the first time medical students say the Hippocratic Oath, don their white coat and declare to their friends and family that they have entered the medical profession. GUMC sat down with students and faculty to talk about what the white coat ceremony means to them, the school of medicine community and the medical profession as a whole.

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While receiving your white coat is a great achievement, Georgetown University School of Medicine student Patrick Sheahan notes that "it's about taking care of our patients."

Stephen Ray Mitchell, dean for medical education, says that once a student gets their white coat, they are considered part of the medical profession.

Ranit Mishori, Professor of Family Medicine, talks about the symbolism behind the #WhiteCoat.

Leah Broadhurst, a fourth year student at Georgetown University School of Medicine, remembers reciting the Hippocratic Oath for the first time as a very powerful experience.

Fourth year Georgetown University School of Medicine student Kerry Ryan reflects on her white coat experience.