CURA Fosters Connections

After Match Day and graduation, when new graduates head out to begin their residencies around the country, they often face overwhelming changes on top of busy schedules. That’s where CURA comes in.

The CURA (Connecting and Uniting Residents and Alumni) program was founded in 2005 with the goal of connecting Georgetown medical alumni with each other, wherever they may end up. Every year, CURA (formerly MATCH) pairs Georgetown medical alumni with recent School of Medicine graduates in their region.

“When you first start your intern year, you can feel disconnected,” says Christina Hanna (F’08, M’14). “It’s helpful to have people remind you of the greater goals in medicine, and the balance between work and life.”

Hanna was paired with Regina Torsney-Durkin (C’73, M’77) in Philadelphia, and both alumni have found the experience transformative.

“CURA is something we can do to help young alumni,” says Torsney- Durkin. “It’s nice to have somebody who trusts you enough to pick up the phone and ask a question that they wouldn’t ask to somebody at the hospital where they work.”

Torsney-Durkin adds that CURA mentors sometimes host gatherings with other Georgetown medical alumni in their area, including those who have not participated in the program before. “In Philadelphia, these gatherings have created lifelong friendships among alumni who did not previously know each other.”

For new graduates, the program offers the support of the strong Georgetown medical alumni network, the common cura personalis way, and that individual mentorship from someone who understands.

“The CURA program exceeded my expectations,” says Hanna, “and a large part of that is Regina. Not only was she patient with my chaotic residency schedule, but when we did meet for dinner, I was so impressed by this lovely, brilliant, warm-hearted person. She became my listening ear, and also a guiding light.”