Glowing Reviews for Radiation Author

A new book by Georgetown radiation medicine professor Timothy Jorgensen, PhD, MPH, presents all you need to know about the much feared and little understood risks of radiation exposure. Through a reader-friendly narrative history, Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation (Princeton University Press) describes human encounters with radiation. Selected as one of 2016’s best books about science by Smithsonian magazine, Strange Glow is a hit across genres, and critics are raving about it.

From mammograms to airport scanners to nuclear power plant malfunctions, what are the real radiation risks? Jorgensen offers compelling, health-centered insights through solid storytelling.

“The book seeks to convince people that they can be masters of their own radiation fate, and to empower them to make their own well-informed decisions about their personal radiation exposures,” explains Jorgensen. “I hope they take the message to heart and learn how to better balance radiation’s risks with its benefits. If more people are able to do that, we’ll all be better off.”