MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Plans Facility Expansion

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is aiming to optimize its health care delivery with the design of a new, state of-the-art facility to meet current needs as well as future healthcare demands. Through a series of key building enhancements and accessibility projects, the proposed expansion addresses the urgent age, capacity, and technology issues of the hospital today.

The proposed 477,000- square-foot medical/surgical pavilion will house 156 private patient rooms, a new emergency department, larger operating rooms, a rooftop helipad with direct access to the emergency room, plus three levels of below-ground parking. By moving the surface parking underground, planners hope to maximize green space and improve the pedestrian experience.

MedStar has contracted with Wells and Associates to design transportation and programmatic plans to improve overall traffic safety, lessen congestion for neighborhood and on-campus users, and achieve a measurable reduction in traffic from existing levels. The goals of these solutions include off-site parking relocation, dispersion of parking for clinical and ancillary services, reduction of impacts to Reservoir Road, and improvement of pedestrian and cycling pathways.

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