General Information and GUMC Updates Related to COVID-19

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Georgetown University COVID-19 Information

Please see Georgetown’s COVID-19 website for the latest updates and announcements. View online FAQs about the coronavirus outbreak, or call with specific questions: 202-784-3510, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Mon-Fri. Subscribe to receive a daily digest of new alerts from Georgetown’s main campus.

Georgetown Resources

Here are some resources to support Georgetown employees in their work and health as our community settles into new ways of operating, communicating and connecting through telework continuity and social distancing mandates.

Resources for Self Care

Research Continuity Guidance

All Georgetown researchers must work remotely with very limited exceptions (read the guidance here). Access to GUMC buildings is limited to GOCard only. All buildings at Georgetown require a GOCard swipe to enter. (For assistance with GOCard issues, contact the GOCard office at 202-687-2700.)

Researchers requiring access to a Georgetown space — office, laboratory or otherwise — are permitted only with written decanal approval via this form. This form will remain active for the foreseeable future, as there may be status changes within your lab and/or with your colleagues. Requests for access should receive a response within 24 hours. 

Research continuation, award proposals and extension information has been collected here on the Council On Governmental Relations website.

COVID-19 and Human Subjects Research Guidance and FAQs

In order to sustain our human subject research during the COVID-19 pandemic, guidelines have been issued jointly by the Medstar Health and Georgetown University for the benefit of investigators and associated staff in both institutions. View the guidelines here.

Dependent Care Reimbursement

Under exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus, all full-time faculty (tenure line and full-time non-tenure line) who are teaching during this educational continuity period can use dependent care funds. These funds can now be used by faculty who have child care responsibilities, and are designed to help defray costs due to added child care needs resulting from school/daycare closures during the Georgetown spring semester.

Awards of $50 per day for days when providing online instruction with a cap of $500 per faculty member through the end of 2020 Spring term will be available. 

For information about reimbursement, please contact Mary Glasscock

A graphic illustrating social distancing using two bulldogs; text is indicated in image caption. QR code included links to Georgetown COVID-19 website.
Georgetown University #FlattenTheCurve
Social distancing means putting 6 feet of space between yourself and others.

Virtual Learning Environment Extended Through the End of the Semester

On March 16, the university moved all classroom instruction to virtual learning environments. All in-person, on-campus classroom instruction is suspended through the end of the semester. Read more here.

Faculty can find information about relevant instructional continuity technology, as well as training sessions, on the Instructional Continuity website.

Staff & AAP Impacts

The medical center is operating under a telework flexible environment. Resources for staff/AAP can be found here. View COVID-19 telework guidelines and procedures and telework technology recommendations.

Dahlgren Memorial Library Operating Status

DML offers many online services online and assistance is available virtually. Read more information here.

Travel Restrictions

University-sponsored or related non-essential domestic air and Amtrak travel is suspended through May 15, 2020. Those with a compelling university-related reason for such travel should consult with the office of the Provost or campus executive vice president (for GUMC), senior vice president and chief operating officer (for staff of University Services), or the vice president and chief of staff (for direct reports to the president) to request an exception. Read more travel guidance here.

Event Restrictions

In-person events at GUMC are restricted until further notice. Those who feel a scheduled event should still take place in person should submit a request for a waiver via this Google Form. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.