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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is the Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) and the only GUMC organization authorized to bind the Medical Center in sponsored research agreementsOSR is responsible for reviewing grant and contract applications for compliance with sponsor and University policies, in cooperation with other University administrative offices.  All research and training grant and contract applications, without exception, must be approved by the Director or Deputy Director of OSR or their designee, prior to submission. See our Proposals page for information on the proposal submission process. 

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Contact Information


OSR Pre-award Office Phone (Building D, Room 283): 202-687-0020

OSR Post-award Office Phone (Harris Building, Suite 1100): (202) 687-1701

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TRACS (Transmittal Review and Compliance System) - internal routing system for proposal review and approval
FCOI Policy Requirements
STARS (Subaward Tracking and Review System) - internal routing system for outgoing sub-awards and independent contractor agreements
PACTS (Clinical Trials Pre-Award Contract Tracking System) - internal routing system for industry-sponsored clinicial trial agreements. Agreements for clinical trials to be conducted at the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital or other Medical Center locations, without exception, must be negotiated and executed by OSR. See our “Agreements Page” for information on clinical trial setup. 
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The OSR pre-award office (Medical Campus, Building D, Rm 283) services include proposal application package review, administrative approval coordination and electronic submission of proposals.   The pre-award office is responsible for reviewing all research applications to government and private funding agencies to ensure that proposal-related costs are accurate and proposals comply with Sponsor and the University guidelines.  Final review and approval is conducted by the OSR Director or Deputy Director or their designee.  Electronic applications must be submitted by the Office of Sponsored Research.  Paper applications are submitted to the funding agency by the principal investigator.  

The OSR post-award office  (Harris Building Suite 1100, 3300 Whitehaven Rd.) is responsible for award receipt, agreement negotiation and RX (restricted sponsored research) account setup, as well as management and close-out of grant and contract awards, including sub-awards, independent contractor agreements and clinical trial agreements.  Contact the post-award office for issues pertaining to research and clinical trials agreement negotiations, award budgets, no-cost extension requests, progress reports, or any other administrative award issue that requires prior approval. 

The Office of Research Development Services assists GUMC investigators in identifying sponsored research funding opportunities and developing proposals and application packages.

The Sponsored Accounting Office handles all post-award financial matters.  Departments that have issues regarding charges appearing on their Budget to Actuals Report, invoices to sponsors, payments to subcontractors, financial reporting, or auditing should contact the Sponsored Accounting Office for assistance.

OSR Grants and Contracts Officers negotiate non-federal clinical trial agreements for the departments in their portfolios and establish cost centers to manage funds related to those trials.  See the OSR "About Us" page to identify the Grants and Contracts Officer for your department. The Clinical Trials Office is available to assist with implementation and administration of non-federal clinical trials.