Faculty Development

The Faculty Development (FD) Program focuses on assisting all faculty of the School of Medicine to reach their career goals, helping faculty grow as educators, researchers, clinicians, and administrators, and supporting innovation and excellence in leadership. The FD Program objective is to develop and foster a talented faculty from diverse backgrounds, well suited to excute their duties, including the training of a demographically diverse group of students. This objective is accomplished through the creation and dissemination of information and programs that serve as resources for all faculty at all ranks and tracks across the medical campus.

The FD Program accomplishes many of its tasks through the Faculty Development Committee, chaired by the Associate Dean for Faculty Development. The FD Program:

  • Administers a Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Oversees the process of faculty evaluation
  • Organizes and sponsors workshops and other events to foster career development, to hone professional skills, and to improve the teaching and research environment
  • Keeps and distributes a monthly calendar of faculty development opportunities on campus
  • Provides support to faculty at affiliated institutions/hospitals
  • Interfaces with other faculty development leaders and programs to maximize opportunities for medical school faculty.